Transcend AUTO, with pressure relief on exhalation and automatic pressure titration, is the most complete sleep apnea therapy device of the Transcend product line.


Transcend miniCPAP. Experience the most innovative CPAP machine in the world and discover the freedom to sleep anywhere! This CPAP has a fixed pressure. The therapy pressure can be adjusted from 4-20 cmH2O.


HoZer hose lift system
Stop "fighting" with your CPAP hose. The HoZer actively keeps it out of your bed!
DC Mobile Power Adaptor
Use the Transcend DC Mobile Power Adaptor when wall power is unavailable, like in your car or on your boat. Charge your battery or connect to your CPAP.


P8 battery
Use the Transcend P8 battery up to 14 hours at 14 cmH2O on your outdoor adventure or during your flight. Make sure you always have the power you need with this battery.


Multi-Plug Power Supply Set
Multi-Plug Power Supply Set
The Transcend Heated Humidifier fully integrates with the Transcend CPAP system to provide warm, moist air during therapy to enhance patient comfort.


CPAP Mask Wipes Citrus
Easily remove dirt and grease from your CPAP mask. Suitable for daily use. Can be used for cleaning both the inside and the ouside of the CPAP mask. Leaves a citrus-scent on your CPAP mask.
Travel Bag
Transcend Travel Bag
CPAP filter frame
Transcend CPAP filter frame
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