HoZer hose lift system

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Stop "fighting" with your CPAP hose. The HoZer actively keeps it out of your bed!

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HoZer hose lift system

The HoZer hose lift system is the perfect solution to your CPAP hose problems. By suspending and guiding your hose, the HoZer helps you to get the most out of your CPAP therapy and the night's rest you need.


The advantages of the HoZer:

  • freedom of movement
  • comfortable CPAP therapy
  • a stable mask without sudden leakages
  • a good night's rest
  • simple to use
  • quick to assemble
  • easy to take with you when travelling


Are you exhausted when you wake up? Isn't your CPAP therapy supposed to help you rest!
The HoZer suspends your CPAP hose above you, ensuring that it stays connected to your mask and out of your way. Regardless of how you may toss and turn while sleeping, the hose is kept out of your way, and away from your sheets, your pillow and your partner.


Install the HoZer in the desired position at the head or side of your bed.
CPAP users only want one thing: a good night's rest. Thankfully, the HoZer is here to help you to increase your comfort and quality of life, as well as support more effective therapy.


Are problems with the CPAP hose keeping you awake at night?
The HoZer makes them a thing of the past. For a new CPAP user, the first weeks of therapy are crucial to the decision to continue treatment. But existing users can also reap the benefits of the HoZer. This hose lift system increases comfort for all users.


Installation featuring two arch segments, placed at the side of the bed, under the mattress.

Installation featuring two arch segments, placed at the head of the bed, under the mattress.

With three arch segments, the HoZer becomes suitable for use in both one and two-person beds.

Watch a video about the HoZer:

Weight: 350 gram
Length: up to 46 inch
Warranty: 90 days
Type of Movement: 360° - adjusts and reacts to all movement.
Device Positioning: head and side of bed
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