Here you can find the answers to the most frequently answered questions. Is your question not listed? Contact us using the contact form on the right side of this page.
1.1 Which CPAP device is right for me?

If your current machine is a fixed pressure PAP device then the standard Transcend miniCPAP would be a good fit. Transcend now offers the Transcend Auto CPAP. The Transcend Auto CPAP offers users the most comfortable experience as the machine continuously adjusts the pressure while you sleep.


1.2 What do I need for therapy off the grid?
To use your Transcend completely off the grid you will need the Transcend Solar Panel Charger to charge your battery when AC power is not available. Also the DC mobile power adaptor can power the CPAP and recharge the batteries from a standard 12-volt source, such as the cigarette lighter plug-in on a vehicle.

1.3 How do I travel with Transcend? Can I use it on my flight?
Carry your Transcend with you on your flight. As a medical device, it will not count as one of your carry-on items. Never check a sleep apnea therapy device with your baggage as it can be damaged through normal luggage handling procedures. Your doctor can provide you with a letter stating your diagnosis and the need to carry your device with you, if necessary. Transcend is FAA-approved for inflight use with the battery. Be sure to call the airline in advance to clarify procedures and in-flight policies.

1.4 Can the CPAP be operated upside down?
The Transcend CPAP is designed for efficient therapy delivery regardless of orientation, thus you may seat the device in whichever direction allows for the most comfortable therapy.

1.5 How long will the battery power my Transcend?
The P4 Battery will provide approximately 7 hours of therapy at 14 cmH2O and the P8 Battery will provide approximately 14 hours at the same setting. These averages are based on testing at 14 cmH2O and may vary based upon leak rate and altitude.

1.6 What about CPAP masks?
Transcend PAPs can be used with all CPAP masks, including nasal cushion, nares pillow, and full face. To give you the freedom to use the mask of your choice, Transcend does not come with a CPAP mask. This is common practice with all CPAP offerings.